How is Here’s My Heart funded?

Here’s My Heart is 100% self funded as a passion project by Jordan Canham. 

Who runs the Website/Instagram?

The Here’s My Heart Website, Instagram and Facebook is currently managed solely by Jordan Canham.

Can I submit artwork?

Yes. Definitely. You can submit your own artwork via email. Or if you know of another persons artwork we might love, you can tag @_heresmyheart_ on Instagram or submit it via email at please include as many details about the original artist as possible.

Where does the money from the purchase price of the book go?

The whole process of creating the Here’s My Heart book has been funded by Jordan Canham. This includes paying Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Designers and covering all printing costs. Once the costs of these expenses is covered all proceeds will go towards a new range of books. We have plans for books specifically aimed at:

-Gender specific Books for Women and Men in their late teens/early 20’s.

-Books from Children to their Parents or Grandparents.

-Books to be exchanged between Partners.

Why doesn’t Here’s My heart donate money to Charities?

Here’s My Heart is 100% not for profit. We aim to use any money raised from selling merchandise to fund future projects and ideas. We aim to work with various organisations in developing methods and tools to better help the connection between people and foster understanding and education around mental health.

Can I Help?

Anyone is welcome to offer to help in whatever they feel they can. Email us at: