Sometimes its difficult to talk about things with people who need some help. I’ve always felt unsure where to start, and haven’t known the right things to say. I felt that with art as a starting point, a discussion could then flow.

I’ve always had an interest in all forms of creative art. Be it Drawing, Painting, Photography, Music, Tattoos or Street art.

I wanted to do something to create awareness and get people talking about metal health. By linking the two hopefully a picture can speak a thousand words, when words are hard to find.
You’ll pass on something memorable that conveys empathy and compassion for someone to keep forever.

I didn’t want it to be about money or donating, as not everyone is in a position to help the way they would like. I wanted something universal, simple and long lasting.

Everyone can help Anyone through Anything, with a little bit of HeArt.

What you could do to help